Alcatel has blocked access to a calculator on their smart phones, if he did not put 5 points

Alcatel accused of blocking health brand of the Calculator application is for those users that do not make him the highest rating on Google Play. Reported by phoneArena with reference to the complaint, originally published on the American website Reddit.

All anything, but the Calculator app, which Alcatel is so persistently promoted, the default predustanavlivat on all smartphones, released under this brand. In other words, the manufacturer is essentially extortion by limiting the functionality of the native device.


Requiring you to rate the app high marks, Alcatel, apparently, was calculated to raise his rating among peers and thus achieve its popularity among the users of devices on Android. In time the fuss is over this issue forced the manufacturer to remove the application.

It is reported that “Calculator” from Alcatel has not only disappeared from the range of Google Play, but from the list of installed applications on the smartphone manufacturer. Probably, the developers of the company decided that removing and then return the updated app will force users to forget about the incident.

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