Alcatel introduces the first phone with Android GO in the United States

I know Google system Android GO the first time at Google’s annual developers I/O 2017, which is a mini version of the Android system has been re-built and designed for low devices that have 512 MB to one GB of RAM “RAM”.

Today, the company revealed Alcatel unveiled its first Android GO to the American market.

Holds a new device name is X and I ” 1X” and supports the operating system of the oreo with the presence of sensor fingerprint in the back the screen is 5.3 inches by the length to width 18:9 but the low resolution of 960 x 480 pixels.

The device comes with a processor MediaTek quad-core processor and one GB of RAM storage capacity of 16 GB.

To start selling phone X and I ” 1X” in the month of April with a phone that is 3V, and the Alcatel to this phone will be the first phone in the United States at the price of less than $ 100 by a length-to-width 18:9. But she did not disclose the official price yet, maybe share at a price of $ 99.99!

Phone X and of the first phones that support the Android system jo, which is a good step on the way technology is cheap in the shadow of the constant increase in the prices of the phones that arrived for a thousand dollars. We wish we could see such devices soon in the Arab region.

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