Alexa and Cortana exchanging places : Alexa on Windows 10, and cortana Amazon Echo

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He became assistant digital Alexa and Cortana are friends now so that it is now possible to use devices equipped with the digital assistant Alexa to digital assistant Cortana, and vice versa. The detection of this feature by Microsoft and Amazon in conference Microsoft’s annual developers Microsoft BUILD 2018, but this feature was limited only to the testers. However, everyone can now use it because it became available to the public. Note that this feature is only available in the USA currently.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say that you have a smart speaker, Amazon Echo. You can say ” Alexa, open the Cortana ” and then ask him about your appointments, or ask them to send an email or anything else, can the digital assistant to do. You can redirect multiple commands without having to say ” open the Cortana ” before each request. As has been already mentioned, this works in reverse as well.

On computers equipped with Windows 10, You can say ” Hey Cortana, open Alexa ” and then ask him about the shopping list on Amazon or use any of the skills of the third-party source for the digital assistant Alexa.

At the moment, this symbiosis between Alexa and Cortana available on the smart speakers Amazon Echo and Harman Kardon Invoke, and Computers Windows 10. Support for my Android and iOS coming as well. Again, this is only a general interaction between Alexa and Cortana, and therefore don’t respond in case if this integration is not able to do certain tasks. For example, you can’t ask Alexa to run audio book via Cortana. And Microsoft and Amazon to provide such things with the passage of time.



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