Alexa assistant Amazon the audio will start to simulate the voices of the actors the beginning of Samuel L. Jackson

Assistant Amazon audio Alexa will be able to simulate the voices of the actors to respond to users beginning from actor Samuel Lee Jackson.

صامويل جاكسون أليكسا أمازون

Features voice assistant from the Amazon the great potential that enjoyed by the particular talk about machine learning and artificial intelligence and how to respond to the users, but the company not only to develop her not only on the technical side but on the side entertainment to attract more users to it under the sway of the assistant to Google Voice and compete against Siri at the same time the emergence of the aid to, like to earn my Samsung.

According to what the company announced at its annual conference to reveal the latest hardware, the Alexa will start to simulate the voices of the actors to answer questions.

Will also start this feature with the voice of the wonderful actor Samuel Lee Jackson, who will cut the jokes, the possibility to tell users the weather, alarm mode, or even turned to a friend of a default similar to the movie “2013 for Her” stars Joaquin Phoenix, If you will.

But the sound emulator representatives will not be free absolutely, where it will be available for 0.99$ for each representative when you buy it.

At the start the voice of Samuel Lee Jackson showing users the end of the current year, and will be followed by the voices of the representatives of the other during the coming year 2020.

Can say it’s a strong addition from Amazon to help her voice, where users can authenticate my favorite actor and talk with him to any place and time.



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