Alexa get support Whisper Mode to receive commands and answer

أليكسا تحصل على دعم وضع الهمس لتلقي الأوامر والإجابة

Do not mix our spices in a faint voice or whisper sometimes to avoid to wake a sleeping baby or even avoid the jamming of one of the members of the household to study, what if she gets Alexa is available for download the status of whisper (Whisper Mode), which is already announced by Amazon yesterday, the culmination of the experiments carried out in the last year was available for developers only, where users can launch the commands of Alexa. whisper that you’ll see the same tone of voice the closest the human voice wonderfully.

The launch of this new feature to users in the United States, where it’s available in English only at the current time, the display position of The Verge live experience of the chairman of the editorial showed ask him in a whisper, “who won the softball game yesterday.” which she said with her voice Whisperer which feels hearers something of the exotic here’s a video to improve the experience of heaven for yourselves and experience the feeling of your own:

It is considered Whisper Mode the current method of ways to Amazon to add life to her voice, and make them more integrated in the context of modern reaction and experiences with users through the development of the capacity of artificial intelligence, according to the head of the scientific team in charge of Alexa, she is able to understand the audio signals automatically, useful for monitoring events, voice and Whisper, which means less answering method according to the surrounding environment.

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