Alexa learned to speak in a whisper. And it looks weird

Various voice assistants are already pretty firmly entrenched in everyday life. However, despite the very advanced technology used in the creation of these programs, and sometimes quite funny cases. For example, this spring, the smart speakers from Amazon frightened its users a creepy laugh. And now the voice assistant Alexa from the same Amazon learned to talk in a whisper. But it’s still looks scary.

According to representatives of Amazon, this feature was added in order to make it Alex more intuitive and natural. Indeed, if you watch the video available at the end of the article, you will understand that the voice of Alex in whisper mode is actually quite similar to human. Unlike the voices of average volume in which all the same there are “native” accent. As representatives of Amazon in an interview with editors of Business Insider,

“The mode of a whisper is recognized by the Alexa in the moment when you start to talk to her that way. Constantly whisper column will not whisper answers only in the answer. A whispering voice can be appropriate, for example, for situations where loud noises can disturb others. For example, at night when other people in the room unable to sleep. Whisper is just one of many planned by us features which will make communication with Alexa more convenient.”

It is also worth noting that after updating the whisper mode is disabled by default on all devices. It can be enabled in two ways. The first is to find a special item in the virtual assistant. The second method is much easier — you just have to say “Alexa, turn on whisper mode.”. And it has to be in English, so as long as the whisper mode is only supported for the language.

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