Alexa listens to private conversations and sends them to someone else .. Amazon placed

Amazon explains how Alexa recorded a private conversation and sent it to another user

You know the American Lady of embarrassing when he sent the assistant home eco private conversation with her husband to one of the staff working with her husband. This is what we feared would happen has happened already, Amazon has its justification.

Confirmed a spokesman for the police that the incident occurred already pledged to a series of mistakes committed by the assistant Alexa in understanding the conversation of your personal and considered them her orders.

When is the pronunciation of the word “Alex” even unintentionally, they cause run the voice assistant, then when I heard the word “send a message” within a conversation, I think it is my voice, not the words of personal between the two.

After hearing the phrase he said the assistant Alexa “to who?” During the talk was to pronounce one of the names, to plugin to confirm it, and then in the conversation has been confirmed send the content of the conversation to the person.

It seems that it happened by mistake, as interpreted by Amazon, which is very rare to get this registration without to two speakers with each other to the sound of Alexa and confirm orders.

Should work Amazon to improve the capacity of artificial to distinguish between voice commands and phrases that allow plugin accidental, particularly to devices echo has become ubiquitous because of the low price of some models of them, and in the latest estimates, Amazon has Sold 44 million voice assistant, my home.

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