Alexa sent a recording of a customer to someone else by mistake.

Fatal error caused by the personal assistant from Amazon, your Alexa, who sent 1700 special recording of one of the clients of the company to someone else, in one of the strangest facts of violation of privacy by mistake!

Wrong Alexa

Never imagined a company of Amazon ‘s famous, he put the heavens in a room of his house, to send commands for your Alexa ranking easily, to be it put his privacy shop violation, where he was surprised we leak his letters to the Alexa, which exceeded it message, to one of strangers.

It started with the leadership of one of the people in Germany, to go for a local lab with the tech there, to their surprise was waiting for him, when he asked for some personal data from Amazon, as shocking discovery of his لـ1700 registration private person who doesn’t know, he was giving through her commands for your Alexa, and reached him by mistake.

Consensus paper of the German turn with the victim, which included his recordings of Alexa. a lot of personal information, including his name in full, his residence, but the quality of the music that you prefer, a sign that some of those messages have been recorded while a victim of registry shower.

Response Amazon

In the beginning, turns out that Amazon didn’t stop with the victim of this gross error at the beginning of it, where I looked forward to the real arrival record of his own to someone else, but with the story spread to the public through the Gazette German, then committed famous company to apologize to him, through his bestowal upsell of gifts, which included the latest devices eco membership is also a key.

Reveal that case’s unique about the leadership of the Amazon to record The Voice of the customer, every time they direct the commands for your personal assistant Alexa, where you see the Amazon that doing so is necessary, to improve voice recognition systems, require the customer to enter the site, in order to find those messages and forever.

In the end, and with the leadership of the official spokesperson of the Amazon by apologizing, both for the person who got his message, or the owner of the recordings and the victim of that wrong to the individual and others the intended from the standpoint of Amazon, customers are advised from now on, need to think more than once, before the disclosure of any secrets of the particular Alexa, the assistant secretary apparently.

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