Alibaba allow American customers to earn “free bitcoins”

Chinese giant electronic Commerce Alibaba has signed a partnership with the application Lolli where you can buy goods with bitcoins. Now users will be able to get 5% cashback in BTC for all purchases. Moreover, the calculation starts with a minimum fraction of a Bitcoin — 0.00000001 BTC or 1 Satoshi.

The partnership was announced in the so-called singles Day. This sort of counterpart to Black Friday and a major consumer holiday in China, celebrated on 11 November and is the largest event for a day of shopping. According to Lolli, on this day in 2018, customers, Alibaba has spent more than $ 31 billion.

CEO and co-founder of Lolli Alex Adelman noted that the move is a landmark partnership for their company, as Alibaba is the largest retailer and e-Commerce in the world.

This partnership allows our users to earn free bitcoins on millions of products every day. Perhaps the most important element of this cooperation is that it supports our mission to unite the world through trade.

Only for US residents

According to a report by Coindesk, the new scheme is only available for purchases in the United States. The head of the Department of communication Lolli Aubrey Strobel stated that the people of China are not yet able to participate in the program. Instead, the products will be sent from China to American users.

In his report, Adelman said the company’s plans for global expansion in 2020 and stressed that this cooperation is an excellent first step towards reconciliation China and the United States after such a protracted trade war. To achieve peace, the representatives of the company want using Bitcoin and Commerce.

This is not the last victory of the first cryptocurrencies. Just yesterday, sources told about the Fold — one of the oldest applications with rewards buyers of BTC. According to preliminary data, the application was able to negotiate a partnership with giant in the world of rental housing Airbnb. Now users app Fold can get 3% cashback for any accommodation booked through out the platform. However, to buy for BTC users will be gift cards and not paying the required amount.

The app works only in some countries, including USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

In addition, several cryptocurrency startups specializing in cash back, already preparing for the holiday season. Currently, apart from the Fold and there are other apps with the ability to pay and receive cashback in bitcoins. The highlight Pei and SPEDN.

Source: Engadget

As Alibaba is connected with Bitcoin?

In fact, the Chinese retail giant had never shown a positive attitude towards Bitcoin. Another 10 of October this year, the processing center, digital payment Alipay confirmed the negative position in relation to the major cryptocurrencies. As it was reported, the payment system will deny all transactions associated with Bitcoin.

So the news is clearly can be considered a positive for the cryptocurrency world. Recall, no less a joyful event happened in the beginning of the week. The government newspaper China called Xinhua called Bitcoin is the first successful application of the blockchain. Although not without critics, the growing popularity of the coins is certainly not prevent.

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