Alibaba announces a robot shaped like a car for the transport of goods to the buyers

علي بابا تُعلن عن روبوت على شكل سيارة لنقل البضائع للمشترين

It seems that Alibaba company did not only drive on a lot of areas of marketing in its natural form, because the company pre-announced a few robot-shaped small car self-driving to transport goods to buyers.

The company said the launch of the name of G Plus the new robot, which delivers the goods and then delivered to the buyers by putting it in the place specified then the user put the PIN code to the robot.

The new Android by using System features specific to the industry three-dimensional maps and delivering goods properly, and speeds up to 9.3 miles / hour, but it decreases its speed automatically until the 6.2 mile / h in the mode of crawling, the company said that the car or robot new can food delivery places nearby and will be available with the next year.

Besides android, the Alibaba detects smart box known as Cainiao organization, and serve as a mailbox. So that when you order any goods from the company websites, the user won’t have to reception of the request, all he needs is the acquisition of the Fund’s smartphone will put the required goods in them, and then the user can open the box and take what is his request, this box is adjustable in a manner as distinctive as it is protected by facial recognition is three-dimensional so he can’t someone else access to what it needs.

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