Alibaba denied the payment of kesbeke in Bitcoins. What’s going on?

Last week we wrote about the readiness of cashback application Lolli to cooperate with the giant of online Commerce Alibaba under singles Day in China. The scheme is simple: the customer makes a purchase and receives a refund of five percent of its amount in Satoshi, that is 0.00000001 BTC. A little later, Alibaba rejected the plans for this marketing integration, due to which the situation began to look very strange.

Now CEO of Lolli Alex Adelman denies Alibaba refusal to cooperate with the application. In a letter dated November 17, he argues that Lolli is really cooperating with Alibaba Group. Information was confirmed by representatives of Cointelegraph.

We cooperate with the Alibaba Group in may of this year at AliExpress. Our app has managed to gain considerable income from the site AliExpress, and all of our users have successfully received a reward in bitcoins.

Alibaba and cryptocurrencies

Recall that Lolli has launched a special program which allows all users to get 5% cashback from all in-app purchases. In turn, Alibaba spokesperson told the news resource CoinDesk that Lolli “never had the right to claim partnership with or imply a partnership with Alibaba Group”.

Probably, the harsh reaction of Alibaba ensued after news of the partnership on singles Day were scattered too widely. Some media even began to write like Alibaba is starting to accept payments in bitcoin. Given the hostile attitude of the Chinese government towards Bitcoin, Alibaba is likely simply trying to avoid such associations.

Source: Engadget

The CEO of the company argues that it was unfair to Lolli.

Lolli and the Agency representing mutually agreed to start a partnership in the framework of the Chinese singles Day. Alibaba tested our services during the day, then decided for no reason to reject the partnership and to terminate the contract. Marketing Agency on behalf of approved the agreement, which referred to the promotion of Alibaba, the use of the brand, advertising and email seringe in social networks and various other channels. From our side there was no malicious intent to distort the reputation of Alibaba.

As Adelman argues, if we allow Alibaba to reject the partnership, it “would denigrate our brand, although we did nothing wrong and followed all what we agreed”.

In conclusion, he said that despite the “misunderstanding on the part of Alibaba, they look forward to the opportunity to work with Alibaba”.

Alibaba is not a supporter of Bitcoin

Chinese retail giant throughout history has not shown loyalty to Bitcoin. In October a payment processor Alipay Alibaba confirmed its negative stance towards Bitcoin. The company will block all transactions associated with Bitcoin.

The version of the unwillingness of the Chinese platform to associate themselves with Bitcoin sounds plausible. China's President XI Jinping is really encouraged to develop a blockchain that's just the cryptocurrency is not the case. Moreover, in the official publication of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China "people's daily" has been urged not to speculate on the topic of cryptocurrencies. That is the attitude to technology in the country has really changed, but caution to the cryptocurrencies remained. We wrote about this situation in our Telegram channel.

The newspaper “Renmin Zhibao”. Source: capeandislands

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