Alienware send updates on designs laptops games M15 وM17

Alienware توفد تحديثات على تصماميم لابتوبات الألعاب M15 وM17

The company Alienware a subsidiary of Dell providing laptops games M 15 and M 17 Design Lab the flagship Alienware Area-51m which has launched during the exhibition of consumer CES 19 months ago, to be having all the case today with a new design as well as supportive number of other internal components that include the screen and graphics cards are different.

Although they both are thin compared to the Area m51 but they quoted a lot of design features that have their keyboard and touchpad attached to her as well as the outer casing as a whole, with the latest versions of Intel’s Core i9 cards graphics NVIDIA GTX وRTX.

As for the company west 15 M options support multi 1080 with contrast in frequency 60 144 240 hertz, or you can choose screen OLED 4K at 60 hertz, the copy 17 M they have only one option which is with 1080p and then between 60 and 144 Hz, and M 15 and M 17 for updated on 11 June at the price of a fundamental $ 1500.

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