AliExpress filled copies of popular smartphones Huawei and Samsung

To be honest, I already forgot when was the last time you saw a clone of any popular smartphone. Don’t know why that is, but copies of AirPods or Beats headphones sold today shaft and in China, and far beyond it, and that’s a fake iPhone or a flagship Samsung Galaxy you are unlikely to find freely available. Most often, if something like that comes across, it is only on some tekhnorynok China or on the sites of scammers who give out copies of “customs confiscated” and sold them for 5-10 thousand rubles, obviously not expecting a large audience. But at some point, something went wrong.

I never would have thought that the Chinese would copy the Chinese smartphones

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Recently on AliExpress, there are many fakes popular flagships from Huawei and Samsung. Despite the fact that they all come under the brand Kimtien, which is irrelevant to the producers, they are 100% original appearance copy machines and try to use the name of their copies of their names, obviously, to attract the attention of consumers. So a clone of Huawei Mate Pro 30 was Kimtien Mate 30 Pro and a clone of the Galaxy Note 10+ — Kimtien Note 10+.

Fakes on AliExpress

On AliExpress there are a lot of fakes, beware

Trade policy Kimtien quite unusual. On the one hand, the Chinese are not pretending to sell original products, since put on the smartphones offered on AliExpress, own brand and the prices do not wring. Therefore, clone Galaxy Note 10 you can buy about five times cheaper than the cost of original: $ 200 vs $ 1000 Samsung. And all anything, but Kimtien indicates completely unrealistic features to their smartphones, probably hoping for a primitive audience.

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If you open the page with the characteristics of any of the clones from Kimtien, you will see that the manufacturer claims for them, truly flagship iron. As processors often specify Snapdragon 855, RAM – either 6 or 8 GB, and display resolution – 2K. In addition, sometimes you can find mention of the hardware sensor’s face recognition, similar to Face ID from Apple. Representatives Kimtien not very confusing is that in the original apparatus of much of what they point out simply no. The same Huawei Mate 30 is powered by a Kirin 990, not Snapdragon 855, and such punctures is enough.

The characteristics of fake smartphones

Read reviews on AliExpress to know what you are buying

Needless to say, nothing of the promised copies from Kimtien can not boast. According to the feedbacks from the buyers themselves, as the hardware basis of fake smartphones are most often used absolutely communicating processors from MediaTek, and the volume of their memory is rarely more than 3 GB. But this is the real trick. After the appearance of smartphones, you can complain as much as necessary and have Kimtien will be a concrete justification, consisting in the fact that she had not said these devices are like the original, but with iron it’s more than that.

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AliExpress pretty strict rules against vendors of counterfeit, so the site tries to calculate them and block, and the buyers who had the misfortune to buy something from them to return the money. However, before that happens, AliExpress will conduct an investigation and to examine the case. So, if you order the smartphones on this website, be extremely careful, carefully check what you add to cart, read the reviews and don’t get too low prices, because free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

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