All about Dark Mode or night mode in iOS 13, on iPhone and iPad

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Is the new feature that was announced in Developers Conference Apple’s annual WWDC one of the most of the new tools available to iOS 13.

Talking about Dark Mode or night mode which I always wait for the users to be available on their phone

It is understood that many applications support this situation formally, including the application of Facebook which is also coming to the application WhatsApp.

In this article we’ll talk about Dark Mode or night mode in iOS 13, which will be available on iPhone and iPad and iPod touch.

  • How it will look dark mode or night mode in iOS 13‘s?

According to him, the situation comes dark system colors darker and the black background on iPhone and iPad, also includes keyboard gray icons intended to be less visible from the backgrounds brighter or white backgrounds.

Confirming the support page Apple TV to install dark mode on your Mac to setup “makes it easy for you to focus on your business, because your content highlights while leaving the back controls the dark windows to the background”.

This is the same reason in the advent of this situation to iOS 13, which will be released end of this year, will feature across devices iPhone and iPad apps in Apple TV system environment, and can be set to run automatically at sunset or at a specific time.

But Dark Mode is not a concept for Apple, is becoming increasingly common on many platforms and devices, including Twitter, phones, Samsung Galaxy and the Google Chrome browser.

  • Increase the battery life of the iPhone

Why Apple claims that this mode will increase the battery life of iPhones and iPads, but previous experiments on other devices confirm to us already that the night mode helps in this way.

Most of them use smart phones and organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) in the display by Digital, according to Dan Hays, a consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers who specializes in telecommunications issues, the choice to put black on your smartphone with OLED display requires less energy than the traditional white background.

He is a CNN Business:”use the dark can actually be a provider of good energy”, “the screen can be black in Raid as significantly improve the performance of the battery, and from a personal point of view, they look like a fantastic feature if you’re trying to use the phone discreetly in a dark area already.”

  • The effect of the dark mode or night mode on health

Apple’s dark mode “is designed carefully to make every element on the screen you can see is easy on your eyes”.

Might be color black alternative a welcome compared to the backgrounds White Stark found in most web sites, this may lead excessive exposure to the sun of white, blinding to the eyes of tired and even feeling a headache.

Paul pointed compliment, the professor of neurology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, noted that the situation may help sleep also, he says the courtesy to study the cells in the retina which act on the rhythms of the everyday people pay the responses of the pupils.

Said CNN Business: “it is expected to have to use dark mode on the iPhone in the evening and night less effect on your beat daily sleep cycles and wake you up,” “I have proved that bright light in the evening and night change the rhythm of the pacemaker central”.

But some experts argue that it is easier to read dark lines of the background light, according to Dr Iona ko, which is an ophthalmologist in Institute of Stanford pierce the eyes.

She said to CNN Business: “I don’t think that the situation of the dark affects the health of the eye in any way relative to existing data”, “more likely to be the duration of use is more important than mode or intensity of the brightness of the device when it comes to the impact of this situation dark on eye fatigue and eye health potential”.

  • How can I get dark mode or night mode for me?

Currently this feature is not available, but will be the American company to launch and made available through iOS 13, which will be available during the coming autumn and often during the month of September 2019.

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