All about LCD Liquid Retina cutting-edge in iPhone XR

After the announcement of the devices iPhone three XS and XS Max and XR, it seemed to us that the iPhone XR and-iPhone XS are similar in some fundamental points, such as processor and fingerprint face and wireless, imaging, and sensors. Different in several points, where they outperform the XS to XR in the Ram, screen type, XS not the edges of the stainless steel and XR the edges of the aluminium, to learn more follow this article. But it remains the most important difference is the screen that comes LCD in VR this article we will stop on the screen which is complimented by the Apple and see together advanced technology made by Apple where and why she is not like any other LCD screen other in the world?

IPhone XS and XS Max equipped with a screen of the type “OLED ” Super Retina in the VS screen iPhone XR of type “LCD ” Liquid Retina branded Apple that the phone’s screen is “the most advanced ever in a smart phone” so what’s new?

It is noteworthy that OLED technology has spread extensively in consumer technology products in the last few years. If you intend to buy a smart phone or even a TV, the way the best is OLED displays, not LCD.

As we know that OLED screens will be lighting in the Pixel itself and does not need a backlight. This means that the black portions have a Pixel turned off completely and not do any type of damage, and is affected by the lighting of the Pixel next to it, thus saving energy significantly. Unlike LCD screens that need a backlight, even if the background is black, this lighting work with the operation of the phone directly.

Supposed that this difference, which we have mentioned, makes it difficult to hide the bulge in iPhone XR by putting a background suitable to it. But it’s different with the iPhone XS can disappears extrusion or fancy in the background with the black bar top of the screen. Accordingly, it is assumed to remain the LCD of the iPhone XR carry some light around the extrusion even if the background was black and you can’t do something to hide that bulge.

As we know, he doesn’t live OLED screens only to the combustion of the Pixel which cause an image ghostly after images display of the original. This is the biggest difference between the two screens in general.

So how can Apple claim that the LCD outperformed all the other smartphones out? Perhaps thanks to new technology developed by Apple for the first time in those screens, namely, Liquid Retina what is this new technology and what is the mechanism of action?

The screen of the Liquid Retina in the iPhone XR

It is known that the term Retina means” retina” by Apple starting from the screen of the iPhone 4 not increased the pixel density, so photos are high resolution and clarity. And the Apple in the screen of XR as follows:

◉ Screen iPhone XR with 6.1-inch carry 1.4 million pixels accurately 326 pixels per inch for a display resolution of 1792*828. And on the dimensions comes starring 150.9 mm compared to 158.4 mm at 8 Plus; the width of 75.7 mm vs. 78.1 mm for 8 Plus. This means the bigger screen of the iPhone 8 Plus in the structure of the smaller, as Apple says.

◉ Use the Apple lighting wallpaper modern, because of the extension of the screen to the edges and corners so as to ensure the arrival of damage to those areas well.

◉ Phone XR Apple acknowledged on a higher level of pixels per inch, to create the effect similar to the paper where the pixels are invisible to the naked eye.

◉ Apple made in those screen displays the system Color Management Advanced, which in short means access to emulation good color real, and works to make the image colors are perfect and ensures color consistency and accuracy, and also to view the content in a range of colours large, automatically to show that all what you see in the very soul. As reported by Apple on its website.

◉ Thanks to the presence of ambient light sensor True Tone, which works on the white balance in the screen to match the color temperature of ambient light, the image appears in natural colors as on the pages of paper printed work on the relief effort on the eye.

◉ Added the Apple other feature that the screen, a feature click on the screen to entertain all you have to do is press on the screen of the iPhone, if entered in the sleep state.

◉ Also Apple has cancelled touch three-dimensional or 3D Touch on the iPhone the XR, but still touch gives the reaction of the Haptic, such as a button home just like the digital crown in an hour the new Apple TV, and Apple TV it added that reaction to tactile sensitivity. Can you use Apple TV in the strength and length of the pressure to give the different options such as three-dimensional touch completely, but in truth, we don’t know anything more about that property, until the machine get it.

To be clear, there are few differences between the XR and XS is the screen, but there are also a number of surprising similarities between them. And developed by the Apple TV from the advanced technology in screen display makes the acquisition of XR the issue quite a bit, especially considering its low price.

What do you think about the screen of the iPhone XR new? And do you think it will be perfect experience for you as a user? Tell us in the comments.


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