All about notifications in iOS 12

In the more special things that you will notice in the iOS system 12 are sweeping changes in the notification and presentation where it was to integrate many of the tools that improve the way of dealing with it way faster and easier than ever before. Here are the most important of these new features.

كل شيء عن الاشعارات في iOS 12

Notices collected

After Claims For the return of the notices collected throughout the years, she’s back in iOS 12 will be assembling multiple notifications, each application on the modern instead of the former Chaos.

You can click on the “X” next to the group of notifications to clear it once, or scroll to the right or left according to the phone language.

From the settings, you can change the view of the notices. Go to Settings – notifications – select notification bundled or Notification Grouping you’ll find three options:

Automatic: the system in view and notices, whether grouped or individual. In this way you may get two sets of notifications for one application such as to send two different email to you, or talks multiplayer via the messages application.

Depending on the application: to view all notifications from an app compiled without sorting such as automatic mode.

Turn off: turn off this feature for any application and activate it only for a particular application, such as such as.

Pressure instant notifications

Is a feature that allow you to manage notifications on the lock screen directly, this gives you the necessary tools to turn off notifications from the application or sent to the centre notifications. You can also use the immediate pressure through the settings also or tactile three-dimensional 3D Touch pressure prolonged on the notice or on the three point top of the notice.

When you drag on any notice and the pressure on the manager it shows the following options:

◉ Option to” Deliver Quietly” or “the delivery of quietly” so that the stuff in the center of notifications and won’t be on the lock screen. To reverse this, click on the stuff for your application in the center of notifications and select” Deliver Prominently” any Delivery clearly on the lock screen.

◉ Option View to see the view stuff.

◉ Option to Clear All and delete the group notices one time.

Note: in iOS system 12 will send the system alerts whether you want to continue to receive notifications from a certain application brings you notifications constantly and interact with them. You will see the option” Manage” to access the settings of the immediate pressure for this application.

Development of important or critical

Is the development of important new kind of notifications in the iOS system 12, which does not stop until do not disturb mode, it inevitably brings you must watch them.

This contrasts very limited Available Health Information, Home Security, and public safety. For example can a patient sugar set alerts important to monitor the level of sugar in the blood, when the low is sending the alerts is not even in do not disturb mode and silent they are beyond all that for the sake of peace. So they get very specific applications for each do not fall within the effect of spam emails. If you are a developer and you have apps you want to put a property development professional, you should apply for the Apple TV would be if your app is worth that feature or not. And for the record also there will be an option to turn off or turn those alerts so the app.

The number of notifications at the time of the screen

Feature is designed to screen time to provide you with the necessary tools to monitor when and how to use your devices that are running iOS, so keep track of all notifications sent by the app, letting you know the application of most work on your device.

Can help you that information in determining whether you want to continue to run notifications for a specific app or stop it. You can do this through the Settings – screen time – all devices and then scroll down and see the notifications since the last 24 hours or so a week.

Notifications rich

In the iOS system 12 can application developers to create notifications you can interact with them on the lock screen by introducing the user name and password without having to open the iPhone, then the app.

Like in the application Instagram, if you have been sent notice of the deployment of one of the friends, you may be able to share images and interact with them and comment on them and others, all of the notifications just.

What do you think about those big changes to notifications in iOS is 12? Are there other features in notifications would you like to see in the future? Tell us in the comments.

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