All about UAE Strategy intelligence artificial 2031

Work United Arab Emirates to adopt different techniques through the strategy of trying to get it to all walks of life in the coming years.

In October 2017, the government has launched the UAE’s strategy UAE Artificial Intelligence (AI), this initiative represents a new phase after the smart government, which will have services, sectors, and future infrastructure in the state consistent and Celsius Emirates 2071 seeking to be the UAE the best in the world in all fields.

In this article you will learn everything about the strategy of the UAE intelligence artificial 2031 and what we currently know about this initiative, that within the efforts of the technical site 24 to highlight the different plans

  • The objectives of the UAE Strategy intelligence artificial 2031

Like the United Arab Emirates in the introduction of artificial intelligence into all possible areas, a place that achieve the objectives of the percentage of the UAE 2071, and accelerate the implementation of programmes and development projects to achieve the future.

Won’t be relying on this technique a few percent but stresses the strategic issue of dependence on artificial intelligence in services and download data at the rate of 100% by 2031.

Of the objectives of the strategy also we improve government performance and accelerate achievement and create work environments that are innovative, as must be the government of the UAE first in the world in the investment of artificial intelligence in various sectors of life.

The strategy emphasizes in its program also to invest all the energy optimally, and the exploitation of resources and potential human and material resources available in a creative way.

As the strategy confirms the necessity of investment of the latest techniques and tools of artificial intelligence and its application in various fields of work efficiently high level.

On the other hand, adopts this strategy, the use of such techniques in increasing the productivity and the quality of the product of the UAE.

  • The sectors that will be developed thanks to the artificial intelligence.

There are a lot of sectors that must be developed thanks to artificial intelligence, including the transport sector, through reducing accidents and operational costs.

It will also work on the development of protective mechanisms also accidents, traffic congestion, put the car traffic jams more effective to develop the train traffic.

Will use artificial intelligence to reduce the proportion of chronic diseases and serious and thus the development of the health and medical sector in general.

Within the sectors that must be developed to find the space sector to conduct rigorous trials to reduce the proportion of costly mistakes, the sector of renewable energy across the facilities management and consumption smartphone.

It will also use artificial intelligence the water sector through the analysis and studies of the microflora to provide resources and ensure cleaner water and to maintain the safety of consumers.

The technology sector is also one of the sectors that will benefit from this initiative through raising the percentage of production and assistance in the conflict year, there are also the education sector by reducing the costs and increasing the desire to learn.

  • Will Emirates billions of dollars thanks to artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence (AI) will be billions of dollars of loss in the UAE can assist in saving lives when you become integrated fully by the government.

That was the message Omar Sultan scientists, Minister of State for artificial intelligence, who was speaking at the launch of the first summer camp for the intelligent AI in the UAE, which was held during July and August of this year.

For some people, the artificial intelligence is the field of novels, movies, fairy vulgar, where computers become aware of themselves and of humanity.

But this could not be further from that, where will become of this technology a force for good that improve the lives of people all over the world.

A record of more than 2200 students enrolled in the summer camp that believes Mr. Omar Sultan scientists that will help in the education of the next generation to improve all sectors of life here in the United Arab Emirates.

One of the areas in which the minister, it will provide immediate benefits to the government are in efficiency, “the costs of infrastructure development are still very high, we are talking about spending billions of dollars and this is because of the low efficiency of this sector”.

He said: “Sometimes when you pave the way, it does not come out as expected, you should repeat the entire process, which costs a lot of money, with artificial intelligence, you can plan it so that you more efficiently, even if it leads only to provide 10 per cent can be AED 10 million or 100 million AED in some cases.”

Can the medical sector also moves and develops greatly, and said: “today could be the best Egyptian doctors skin cancer on the land that is being diagnosed by the accuracy of up to 86 percent, and can be the best smart system to predict to predict accurately 97%.”, adding: “This means that if we implement it across the UAE, will make the government much more efficient”.

  • How can Intelligence Artificial increase of 35% in the GDP of the United Arab Emirates?

According to a new report, can help artificial intelligence (AI) in increasing the GDP of the United Arab Emirates by 35% by the year 2031.

The economy ministry said the economic impact of the investment of the country in technologies of the fourth generation of the Industrial Revolution, most notably in artificial intelligence, will not be restricted by cost, consumption, production, and productivity, adding that the UAE aims to become a global centre of Intelligence Artificial by the year 2030.

It also predicts in the report that the strategy of artificial intelligence in the United Arab Emirates will achieve an economic return annually in many sectors of approximately 22 million AED.

He added that this will be achieved through increased individual productivity by 13 per cent, which provides 396 million hours a year of development, in addition to reducing the transport costs by 44 per cent, reducing carbon emissions and environmental pollution by 12 per cent, reducing traffic accidents and the resulting losses increased by 12 per cent, and also reduce the need for parking spaces by 20% by the year 2030.

As expected the report to exclude the United Arab Emirates of the development of artificial intelligence, not only in terms of improved project performance but also in terms of reducing the number of foreign workers, which will reduce the value of remittances sent to the outside of the economy of the country.


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