All according to plan: the fall of Bitcoin is not killed in the production of ASIC miners

“Rat race” of equipment manufacturers for mining continues, despite the rapid decline of the stock market in 2018. It would seem that the mining of cryptocurrency has long crossed the line of profitability and brings business owners only losses. However, it is not so: the company continue to release new ASIC miners, which become even more powerful under the previous electricity costs.

Representatives of Canaan Creative announced that their latest device Avalon A10 will be available for order at the very beginning of 2019. Bitmain is also not lagging behind — this fall, the main producer of miners managed to please us with a huge amount of new products. However, only a few of them still bring a profit.

Mine to the end

According to the head of sales Department Canaan Creative Cheng Feng, the company has not experienced serious losses in the production of the devices even after the correction of Bitcoin.

Most of the time you fall to rise even higher in the future. So instead of trying to predict the state of the market in 2019, we’d better get rid of the desire to earn huge money overnight. Previous bullrun really helped some people to get rich in a short period of time literally out of the blue. However, now “alive”, only those who really contributed in the long-term development of the industry.

Competitors are not sitting idly by in Innosilicon announced a new model of Asimov T3. According to the company, “miner number 1 in the world” will be able to issue 43 of teruhisa per second in consumption of 2100 watts.

Source: 8BTC

Also do not forget about the newest models, with 7-nanometer chips and Antminer AvalonMiner A9 S15. By the way, Bitcoin is now trading at the level of 3825 dollars in capitalization in 66,78 billion.

More detailed characteristics of new products can be found in our chat. And don’t forget to visit the pool 2Miners.


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