All according to plan: the price of Litecoin will grow up to halving

News about halving very positive effect on the price of Litecoin. Over the past few days, the coin showed good growth, up 36.3 percent of the cost in just a week. Looks like the bulls it is unlikely that it will stop until halving. Tonight Litecoin is trading at 142 dollars, while the nearest resistance is in area of $ 150.

No barriers for bullrun

LTC can be one of the most profitable investment 2019. Since January, the cryptocurrency has grown quite slowly recently, however, the dynamics of the uptrend has increased. This is another proof of the strong interest of market players in the coming challenge.

Recall that one of the main events — especially the miners — will be held in August. After cutting back the rewards for the block of LTC miners will get not 25, and only 12.5 coins per block. The analysts say the high growth potential profitability of mining LTC due to its price increase by halving.

Now Litecoin is trading around $ 140, we can expect a smooth growth of the cryptocurrency to $ 150. Along the way there’s gonna be some setbacks in the normal range, the price of Bitcoin should remain in the range of 7600 to 8000 dollars.

On the chart LTC clear uptrend, the price action of an asset consists of sequentially formed growing local maxima. The beginning of a bullish movement was initiated after the buyers break above $ 90. Below the lines of support remain the levels 120 and $ 100. Note that in the near future, Litecoin can still fall right to the uptrend.

Source: TradingView

While the situation looks pretty optimistic to halinga have LTC there really are no obstacles to growth. We recommend you to use kickbacks as the price entry point for long positions.

In the auction shows a slight decline in volumes, however, cause for concern yet. The situation on the market follow our cryptodata.


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