All I want to know about technical audio possible Dolby Atmos

Came to Dolby Atmos for a few years to a higher level in the technical standards of voice that supports the organs of the home theater speakers sound possible in the markets, and in the following lines you can learn more clearly about why this technique, spread rapidly in many devices in the recent period.

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Spread technology Dolby Atmos in home theater projectors a while ago, only that this technique in acoustics restricted to the possible versions of the high-end of home theater projectors at first, and then spread now in many devices and speakers sound and soundbar in the recent period.

Dolby Atmos in home theater projectors

There is no doubt that Dolby Atmos constitutes a big difference in home theater PCs, where this technique works on the expansion of the scope of Speaker’s used heavily, as working to support the efficiency of the production of surround sound or in multiple directions to come to the optimal face, which invites developers of devices to the home theater in the promotion of devices experience amazing sound and more realistic.

I came home theater projectors until now with the distribution of sound between the multiple speakers in 8 tracks of independent production, audio multi-directions, also with the use of 7.1 channels of voice operations multiple directions, however, home theater PCs provided 3 channels of the front in each of the directions left, right, front and center, with two of the side channels in the left and right, two channels, rear left and right with the subwoofer one.

As a result, with the implementation of the clip from the movie for example with the distribution of the loudspeakers in different directions at the perimeter of the room, but the acoustics that are produced and mastered with only one channel in the end, you are running sound the same at the same time from all speakers audio.

Here Comes the difference with Dolby Atmos, which works to support and address more than 128 channels of audio, which can come from independent tracks of a 64-speaker audio, and also lets engineers acoustics put the sound patterns in specific locations and then transport them to the theater.

It can also provide Atmos to support the audio production of a large number of loudspeakers and coordinate to provide accurate, and then bind the voice of the viewer, which displays on the screen, including a scene of rainfall, for example, who is coming to the voice operations from the top of the user, while moving the acoustics in the perimeter of the room when you move the helicopter in the scene in the sky for example, so produces the sound of the concept is limited to the highest level in the phonics concept of the greater creates a voice operations, three-dimensional and more realistic impart an amazing experience to the viewer.

How to work the technology Dolby Atmos in home theater projectors

You won’t need to replace all the home theater devices to get features Dolby Atmos, where operators can Blu-ray disc that supports the production of audio technology, Dolby Atmos through Blu-ray discs is possible with Atmos, as wearing a lot of amps sound technology audio multiple directions.

On the other hand, the user can replace a receiver A/V issuance of a new support software technology Dolby Atmos, and then the user can add some loudspeakers in the room, also the user can upgrade the radio to support technology audio of Dolby Atmos in the content of the films.

Devices receive Dolby Atmos A/V

It was all Pioneer, and وOnkyo, and the Integra, the وDenon, the وMarantz, and also Yamaha one of the first companies that introduced the technology Dolby Atmos in their versions of the receivers, and then spread further versions from other companies, which vary in the features offered and the level of pricing.

I have supported many of the sensors possible b 7.2 channels, Dolby Atmos, as it came to technical devices and the reception possible level pricing of less than $ 300, also come the receivers that support the technology Atmos support processing discs Bluray with the advantage of broadcast content, among other features in the amplified acoustics, DTS:X and Auro 3D.

Devices soundbar Dolby Atmos

Some users may wish access to the features and efficiency of the audios Dolby Atmos without the need to setup home theater speakers, this water that is available to users with devices sound-bar is possible with Dolby Atmos, which began to spread since the year 2015 from each of the companies Sony, Samsung, LG, and other companies, as these companies presented headphones sound bar for smart screens of OLED screens.

Relieve the technology Dolby Atmos in devices-speaker soundbar from a version to another, where some versions of the highest standard in sound for an immersive audio experience, while dropping the performance level of the audio in some other devices, however, all versions meet in support of the programs run in stealth Atmos.

Streaming devices and gaming consoles

Choose the transmitters from the receivers in Dolby Atmos, so it should come as streaming devices with support of technology Dolby Atmos specifically, a technology not supported by a lot of services to the broadcast content so far, also can find users of this technology in all devices AirPlay Roku Ultra, وRoku Premiere, where supports these devices also broadcast content for 4K with HDR and Atmos, it also comes device Amazon Fire TV is also Dolby Atmos.

From another side confirmed Apple to support the technology Dolby Atmos in Apple devices 4K TV through a new update of the software, except that the company did not explain how to perform this update.

Also the manufacturers for the games in the recent period with the technical support acoustics, Dolby Atmos, where it came to PlayStation 4 with technical support Blu-rays that support Atmos, while Microsoft made technology Atmos in the update for both the Xbox One S, Xbox One X possible motorized UHD.

I came to the game Star Wars Battlefront is the first version of the games that come with support Audio Dolby Atmos, only that the production line of Sony devices PS4 didn’t come with support for featured games by Atmos, on the other hand, came all the organs of the Xbox One with support for games funded by Atmos, this is to the side of PCs running Windows 10.

Do you need speakers and a new sound to obtain the Dolby Atmos is?

Computers began to receive A/V possible with Dolby Atmos in the spread in the markets in the recent period, where the devices use a new customized software to simulate the technique of Atmos using the speakers of the 5.1 channels, and 7.1, and also 9.1.

Premium content with DOLBY ATMOS

Came to Dolby Atmos for streaming content Blu-ray in 2014 in the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction, and then came more than 100 publications with the format of Blu-ray, and Ultra HD Blu-ray, it also made Disney’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi as the first version of Dolby Atmos.

On the other hand, support service Netflix content with Dolby Atmos through 2017, but the content that supports this technique is still limited at the current time, also supports devices LG OLED TV, and gaming consoles Xbox One besides some of the computers Windows 10 content, Dolby Atmos.


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