All I want to know about the versions of the Philips TVs of the year 2019

The aspiration of the company Philips to continue this year also as one of the best manufacturers of TVs with LCD, and OLED TV also, although the Philips is facing this year is huge competition from Sony and LG but they can conquer the market with its TVs in 2019 also.

Philips TVs-2019

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Achieved the Philips great success correct of TVs that are made by 2018, which feature LCD screens or OLED screens, where the company introduced one of the best screens this year OLED+ 903.

Also even though planning to Philips to attend CES for the year 2019, except that the company has several versions associated with its launch to the global market through 2019, which comes from the new update for OLED+ 903 possible and that applies at the IFA exhibition in the year 2019, which applies to the markets during the month of May.

Technology Philips TVs 2019

Focus Philips this year on the development of TVs with the featured image of the highest quality, coupled with improvements in the efficiency of the acoustics in the TVS of the year 2019.

How come most of the releases this year of smart TVs running Android TV, it also supports auxiliary devices Google Assistant along with Assistant Amazon Alexa, and also supports versions of this year the second generation of image processor P5 Pro, which is the biggest change in versions this year.

Also scheduled to support TVs Philips this year HDR10+, with HLG, and Dolby Vision, coupled with technical audio of Dolby Atmos to support sound three-dimensional, also due to claims processor P5 of the second-generation processors from Philips, also come tool Perfect Natural Reality support the removal of the saturation in the photo to support the production of high-definition images and with details more accurate.

It also comes HDR in TVs further improvements, with a distinctive black rich reveals more details in dark areas in the screen, with the details of the tones and more accurate color to produce images more natural.

In technical acoustics Philips this year audio system to a private company working to support the acoustics in the hardware to make the most of Dolby Atmos in the TVs, so come devices this year to experience Audio Enhancer such as a device 8804 LCD.

TVs 4K OLED from Philips for the year 2019

Update OLED+ 903 is one of the versions associated with this year, as come devices Philips OLED 854, OLED 804, which differ in the holder the installation, in particular comes 854 with a holder to install the screen, as the Philips this is 4K and the size of 55-inch and 65-inch.

Also no different versions of the new device OLED+ 903 which was submitted last year, however, new devices come without technical sound system Bowers وWilkins, where versions of this year’s report of Philips in audio and built-in appliances, it also supports smart devices operating system Android, Assistant, Google وAlexa, also features new hardware, HDMI ports, and HDR.


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