All links must be blocked in order to stop the use of facebook and disable the tracker you

Using the county Facebook delete accounts migration including the use of other platforms including Twitter and browse other web sites and spend time in useful websites including sites for technical and news sites and online communities aimed at away from home sunken in the news counterfeit which can manipulate public opinion individuals.

Under these Site may offer you yourself delete your account on the site and get rid of them, and you can delete applications on your smartphone whether the Facebook application or the application of the Messenger or the application of Instagram or WhatsApp.

And of course there are a lot of good alternatives where you can use telegram to communicate and chat with friends and he looks just like WhatsApp.

But on the computer may not enough you delete your account from home, the likelihood of a return to this site very high and that both through web sites that offer to integrate the buttons and admiring the content for way to impress your Facebook, or even through the comments of this site.

You can also get access to facebook content through the search results of Google which pages of publications with the results of other research.

And the other way it can American company’s tracking you on the web and collect your data in the way different, even after the attack.

Yes this is the truth, how many times you visit a website of specific products and then I found his ads to show you on Facebook and Instagram.

Under the exchange of data between WhatsApp and the social largest in the world some people are talking about the American police eavesdropping on their conversations in the chat application in the world months and used their data for the purposes of showing ads related to their interest when browsing Facebook.

This looking for a solution to block all links that use Facebook to our web site and collect data about it that we will be in this section of the joint.


  • Access to file hosts to add links that we’ll ban it

Every computer actually has a hosts file hidden on the device can be used to prohibit Web sites and links that I don’t want to enter to the browser and applications available on your device.

In Windows 8 and 8.1 in addition to Windows 10 You can open that file through the Start menu, search for Notepad and press it right to show you the list of options, the most important in this case is run it as administrator

If you don’t find Notepad in the Start menu you can use the search and type the name of this program will be, and the same step is pressure on the right to show you the list of options, the most important in this case is run it as administrator

Then go to the top bar and choose Open Open and type in the terms:


Lose Windows 7 The process is also easy where you Run and the following command:

notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

And of course the file will open in both cases and the various operating systems mentioned.


  • Add links that should be blocked in order to stop using Facebook permanently

When you open the hosts file you’ll find some links to Microsoft’s prohibited to access some other links to some applications such as Skype.

Leave the file as is and follow to the last line empty and paste these links.

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