All of the devices that we anticipate the announcement of Apple about the conference on October 30

Apple recently invited several journalists conference which is considered his residence on 30 of October in the city of New York, where he is expected to play through it detects the number of products iPad the new at exactly five o’clock PM EST Saudi Arabia, to be reviewed and several updates on both iPad Pro and a number of Mac devices.

IPad Pro 2018

iPad Pro specs and CAD image leak again shows USB-C not Lightning image 1

Expected to come iPad Pro 2018 with a design similar to the iPhone X, which means the disappearance of the button to the main screen with the smaller parties with the technique of Face ID to the face with the LCD screen, in addition to the USB-C port with a wizard A12 new, 4 stereo headphones, connectors magnetic background for the installation of a number of accessories such as an external keyboard, where you may see two versions of the iPad, the new one with 10.5-inch and the other size of 12.9 inch.


New MacBook and MacBook Air specs and rumours Whats the story so far image 1

Likely to say, Apple launched the new MacBook also with a screen 12 inches, where some of the leaks that the company has developed a new device low cost with Retina display to be an alternative to MacBook Air, which is old now, in addition to MacBook Mini which I didn’t receive any updates since 2014, where will feature all models specification indoor up to date with the most powerful processors with the prospect of the coming of his reader fingerprint.

Mac mini

Image result for Mac Mini

Some leaks that Apple is planning to issue a new version of the Mac Computer Mini the Pro, but it is not yet clear if it will come with a new design or updated with the specifications of the interior only.

Air power

Image result for AirPower

This finally, it is possible for Apple to announce a new version of the platform and air power for wireless charging, is compatible with both the iPhone New hours S4.

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