All of the lambe: Chinese millionaire predicts Bitcoin for a million dollars

Looks like the April rally Bitcoin has become a real red rag to a bull. The race to connect even the Chinese rich local businessman Zhao Dong recently announced a very optimistic forecast regarding the future price of BTC. In his opinion, cryptocurrencies have a chance to grow at least up to 500 thousand dollars. Under the most favorable scenario of development of events 1 BTC would be valued at a million dollars.

How to predict the price of Bitcoin?

In February, the Dong sounded useful advice, then he recommended everyone to buy bitcoins in the absence of hype. As you can see, the recommendation of a millionaire could bring good money. A little later, the businessman spoke about the growth of cryptocurrencies up to 50 thousand dollars.

During an exclusive interview with reporters 8btc Dong said that the scale of investment in the stock market can be judged by user activity on the blockchain. At the end of 2017 crypto currency exchange report about the rapid growth of the user base. Every day, they were joined by at least 10 thousand new users.

At the moment, worldwide the crypt actively uses about 20 million people. Zhao added that in the long term this number will increase to several billion. That is why a millionaire would prefer not to sell their bitcoins.

I sold 10 BTC at the rate of 10 thousand dollars. I believe that in the future, cryptocurrency will grow to a million dollars. I’m not going to give up their potentially huge profits in the short-term benefits of Deposit growth.

Perhaps the forecast Chinese will come to life very soon, and John McAfee will not have to carry out their shameful ritual in front of the audience of a major TV channel. Today Bitcoin is trading at $ 5592, over the past day, the cryptocurrency rose 5 percent.

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