All of what we announced at the conference Google to be held on 15 October

Hold Google for its next conference in New York City during the next week, provide new versions of phones Pixel 4 وPixel 4 XL. As you will have to Google more announcements expected during the event which we use in the next lines.

Made numerous leaks over the past period a lot of detail about the specification and design of the phones Google associated with Pixel 4, where I began to the registry of the publications of Brandon Barbello on the blog Pixel indicating that the phones Pixel 4 will be launched by Radio Star Movement who knew the participation of Soli.

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It is scheduled to come feature Motion Sense in phones Pixel 4 train the user in control to skip songs in playlists, or stop the product temporarily, or closed pictures in your phone along with other functions by waving hand over the screen.

Also scheduled to work the radar on enabled facial recognition technology on phones, Pixel 4, so projections indicate that Google is offering versions of this year without the sensor footprint.

On the other hand, revealed leaks that the phones Pixel 4 apply with Pixel Neural Core, which is known in the arena of Google with the Visual core, which is provided in the camera phone Pixel 3, and also among the nurses that offer from Google this year in the applications running on the support and protection of the user while driving and identify the malfunctions in the car.

I chose Google in the colors of the phones Pixel 4 this year the color orange, is expected to apply to the level of the price of skips iPhone 11, is also among the features that make the phones Pixel 4 in Assistant Google of the Digital, which comes in the new to support the user in the revitalization of the fast and voice commands when you raise the phone directly.

Projections indicate that Google will be a special version of the phones Pixel 4 supports communication networks of the fifth generation, however, this version may present later from the company.

Also among the announcements expected during the event Google, which is held on the 15th day of October, a new version of the devices Pixelbook, which referred to a report published via 9to5Google, where it is expected according to the Google device Pixelbook new which features system of Chrome but with the level of pricing is less than previous versions.

It also refers to that the new machine will come titled Pixelbook Go, it also has a screen quality of a 4K display with dimensions of 16:9, it is also expected that this version supports the curvature of the screen to put the tablet.

Added report of 9to5Google that the device Pixelbook Go will come to design better user support in the development, safety protection device, compared with Pixelbook the current, only to Pixelbook Go will not come with the level of design possible for your Pixelbook glass and aluminum.

Also in addition to the products Google previous, projections indicate that the search giant will be a new version of the production line the Nest, but the details are still limited about this product, it has emerged speaker and smart design, small size referred to as it Nest Mini leaks came via the FCC, and the leaks indicate that the speaker Nest Mini will come with the wall, and also a socket for headphones.

In the end we have to, we will see the Google conference, which is held on the 15th of October to get clearer on the technical search giant, which apply soon for implementation in the markets before the end of this year.


I know of

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