All telecommunications companies in the UK rely on Huawei for equipment for the 5G

Huawei Company

A report issued by The Observer to telecommunications companies in the UK has built a 5G own with the help of Huawei. Involved the Chinese company in the construction of the Stations of the fifth generation in six of the seven cities in the United Kingdom, where the company launched the Vodafone new generation of wireless networks. You also bring 5G technology to many locations for a company, EE, has already won contracts with Three and O2.

The British government has not yet decided whether Huawei pose a threat to its national security. I decided to telecommunications companies local to work with the Chinese company which is taking of the Shenzhen-based build parts ” non-core ” of their systems despite the fact that the whole situation was a gamble. If the government decided to prevent Huawei from the construction of systems of wireless communication in United Kingdom, you may lose the treasury of the country of between 4.5 million and 6.8 million pounds.

In the month of May last, put the United States and Huawei in its blacklist, preventing mainly on U.S. companies dealing with Chinese police, has been sharing these concerns with senior members of the government of the United Kingdom. They’re still arguing about the extent to which the Chinese company.

In the past, the company stressed that Huawei it got decades to create 50 5G network, and succeeded in shipping about 150 thousand station 5G. According to Matthew Howett, used telecommunications companies British equipment Huawei happily. The problem lies in the governments that have aspirations to tremendous technology 5G and what you can bring to the economy, this is the main obstacle to the adoption of this new generation of wireless networks all over the world.

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