All that can Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash can do better. Is it really so?

CEO Roger Ver is considered a veteran of cryptocracy, which at some points even acted as an investor in Coinbase and Ripple. If you look back, when the faith Roger has shifted from Bitcoin to Cash Bitcoin hard forks after the first cryptocurrency in August of 2017, his position can be described in one sentence.

All that can Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash can do better.

In fact the phrase originally belongs to Director of development Department and head of research and development in Bitcoin Cash Gabriel Cardona. He said it in one of the recent episodes on the official YouTube channel

The episode began with a discussion of the relations Elon musk with cryptocurrencies and revolutionary models Samsung Galaxy S10 with a built-in crypto. However, the topic quickly turned to the informal confrontation with Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash. Participants did not forget about the system microcavia for social networking Tippin.meworking on Bitcoin and Lightning Network, but storing the coins in a private custodial service. Granted all this is not very much.

All just in awe of custodial services. I think if you are pleased, you miss the whole point of cryptocurrency.

In turn, Cardona noted that the experience of using Lightning Network just humiliating compared to the way things were implemented in Bitcoin Cash. He also stated that the speed of LN is just nothing compared to the BCH. Ver also added that the day attracts a lot more users to the BCH, than LN drew in the entire history of its existence.

At the end of the discussion, the representatives of the camp Bitcoin Cash told about planned for may 15 update, which will be presented signature Snorra. As noted by Cardon, after this update, the BCH model will work much better than Lightning Network of Bitcoin. More data look at cryptodata.

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