All the details and news about the 5G networks

This topic is all the details and news about the 5G networks appeared on Engadget.

5G networks are the next generation of communication technology mobile Internet, which offers higher speeds and reliable on smart phones and other devices more than ever.

Combining the latest networking technologies and the latest research it is supposed to provide 5G networks connections with speed greater than current connections, with average download speed of about 1 Gbps, which is expected to become the IT mainstream anytime soon.

5G networks

This network will assist the growth of technology and the Internet of things, providing the necessary infrastructure to carry vast amounts of data, allowing for a world more connected than intelligent.

Project development which are now networks of 5G is expected to be launched this network in all over the world by the year 2020, will be coupled with 3G and 4G’s current to provide faster connections to the internet wherever you are.

What networks 5G for the user?

  • Speeds upload and download data top
  • The top safety in the operation of the content from the internet.
  • Voice and video calls in higher resolution
  • Phone calls more reliable
  • A larger number of devices the Internet of things IoT related
  • Expansion of advanced techniques such as self-driving cars and smart cities

As will the speed of networks 5G‘s?

It is not known exactly how will the speed of networks 5G networks 4G being still under development; but supposed that the network will provide a noticeable improvement in the speed of downloading and uploading the current data, suggests the International Society for mobile networks GSMA that the speed of upload and download data will be around 1 GB per second.

There are expectations that the average speed of the 5G networks to 10 Gigabit per second and there are other expectations are likely to speed up to 800 gigabits per second.

This means that the user can download the full Movie HD in seconds, and the download and update system will be much faster than the current time.

Get networks 5G


Won’t be able to phones, tablets and other devices, the current that has been launched when 4G networks are the mainstream of communication networks 5G, or have to pay additional cost to get them.

But they are supposed to see the number of devices that support 5G networks by default after the initial launch of the company in 2020. But this technique will not replace the earlier in its course at least in the beginning; where will the 5G networks with existing networks to ensure no loss of users to connect to anywhere.

It is supposed to have LTE-A void in the current time, which will provide a connection faster than existing 4G networks; but it is only available now in a few States, which include South Korea.

It is expected that the process of the application of 5G networks is slow when launched, such as what has been in gradual application for 4G networks; the need existing network infrastructure to be updated or replaced in order to cope with the new technology, the need for home and also to get the Install of new services.

What you’ll need network the 5G‘s?

I select the Assembly of the International Mobile networks GSMA eight standards for 5G, so will need a contact to meet majority of these requirements to qualify to 5G:

  • Connection from 1 to 10 Gbps to another point in the
  • Response Time 1 ms
  • The scope of 1000x per unit area
  • The number of connected devices 10-100x
  • Availability of 99.99%
  • 100% coverage
  • Reduce the use of energy networks by 90%
  • Battery life up to 10 years for devices of low-power devices of the type


This topic is all the details and news about the 5G networks appeared on Engadget.

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