All the iPhone will get OLED screens next year


The experience of the Apple with the OLED screens luck so it intends to rely on it entirely and get rid of LCD in the iPhone that will be released next year.

Featuring OLED screens all display the black color and depth, as well as the saturation excess for the rest of the colors, as well as reduced energy consumption and allowed her tribute from the senses and also put it in a tight space.

The iPhone X is the first phone of the Company believes OLED displays manufactured by Samsung ancient and dangerous in this area, but next year we’ll see her in the various models of the iPhone three.

The previous leaks had mentioned that two of the three phones the iPhone New will be released this year will get the OLED screen, while the second is led by a very large 6.1-inch its price is the cheapest it will get the LCD Screen, this gradual transition towards the adoption of fully has several advantages of which the most important to be able to Samsung from manufacturing sufficient quantities of screens to meet the demand of Apple TV..

It is worth mentioning that the flagship phones this year like Galaxy S-9 and the pixel 2 and the oneplus 6 All download OLED screen

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