All the products that Samsung unveiled at the consumer electronics 2018 CES

Launched CES CES 2018, in which participated our Samsung its vision for the future, specifically “intelligent things”. Samsung want to change see the world not as a pure maker of phones and televisions, by providing products and services to work with her assistant digital Baker, the mouth of which was announced giant South Korea?

TVs and screens

Most notable was the Samsung TV architecture named The Wall, which lets you configure your TV size you want, and in the CES was presented a copy of the 146-inch. Baker will all TVs 2018 for Samsung allows you to search for TV programs, movies, and the report of the weather condition and operation turn off Home Lighting and play music via Spotify and show images from the cloud storage and even play games. Display Samsung technology QLED that you will use TVs the future is re-designed to provide LCD and it’ll be better than OLED without disclosing more details. There’s also a TV Q9S is the first of its kind in the world, measuring 85-inch and accuracy of 8K with artificial intelligence to determine the content displayed. Finally, the display of the Samsung digital whiteboard Flip Digital Chart and measured 55 inches and is customized for the work environment where you can write on it and shows its content on devices connected to it. [divider][/divider]

Services software

Service SmartThings cloud will work with all Samsung devices starting from the next autumn, in order to be able to control smart devices connected to the internet via a single application. The application will allow SmartThings to control the TV with devices of the smart home, whether lighting or security cameras or even the Office. The application SmartThings will also come the hour Gear S3 to allow you to control lights, appliances and smart through your wrist. He also stated the Samsung that 90% of their computers connected to the internet already, and by 2020 will be all of them possess the artificial intelligence of the baker. [divider][/divider]


Samsung made laptop notebooks 9 options 15 and 13.3 inch with an i7 processor and a battery that hold up to 12 h memory random 16 gigabytes hard disk SSD with a capacity of 1 TB. Notebooks 7 Spin which opens with a 360 degree size 13.3 inch was presented an updated copy supports digital pen with the Processor i5 second generation hard drive with a capacity of 1 terabyte at a price of 800$. Finally, it has been the launch of notebooks 9 Pen the 13.3-inch opens with a 360 degree a 2×1 so that iPads versions at the same time with the i7 processor third generation, 16 gigabytes RAM reader fingerprint reader Iris for the hard disk SSD with a capacity of 512 gigabytes. [divider][/divider]

Home appliances

Got a washing machine WW6850N new with QuickDrive which wash the clothes at breakneck speed, specifically by 35% faster than the previous. Three Family Hub has been updated to destroy the cloud service SmartThings, and Peter my best and answer your questions are different and you should apply based on the ingredients that you have and more. [divider][/divider]

Other things

The display processor Exynos 9810 flagship which will Samsung mess S9/S9+ as well as Note 9 through 2018. Samsung has also provided smart glasses help the visually order to clearly see where the videos and images, to show what suits them, and in addition the display device GoBreath which helps those who suffer from pulmonary diseases through the instructions and follow the proper.

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