All versions of the Apple Watch compatible with watchOS 6

After Apple announced OS watchOS 6 within the events of the conference of developers WWDC, the company made the draft versions of the Apple Watch that will be compatible with the latest systems.

When Apple has released operating system watchOS 5 last year, has been dropped support for the original release of the Apple Watch (the first generation, the pitch Series 0). This time, will watchOS 6 all versions of the Apple Watch itself like watchOS 5, which means that even users hours Apple Watch Series 1 will be able to update to the latest versions of the regulations when they are released publicly.

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Pointed Apple TV it will not stop all the water in the watchOS 6 on all hours of the Apple TV that can run the system, however, it did not specify the details of that at the present time.

It will be watchOS 6 compatible with versions of the Series 1, 2, 3, 4, and will require operation of the system phone the iPhone 6s or the latest.

ساعة آبل المتوافقة مع watchOS 6

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