All we know so far about the screen Apple TV new standby by the conference of the developers

Will focus Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC on Monday, June 3, on the features of the new regulations, expected to be introduced some of the new devices. It is said that the company will announce a new generation of Mac Pro, in addition to screen display, new professional.

A new screen has been talked about for the first time by the vice president of marketing at Apple Phil Schiller over two years ago. Which would be a professional monitor, supports auto-brightness, and night mode, and True Tone that can adjust the white color in the screen to activate the ambient light your.

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Will include this screen is also integrated with the operating systems of Apple. In the operating system macOS, the users will be able to adjust the display settings accurately according to their wish and save those adjustments as Preset, as it can switch between display modes easily, or exported to files to be imported on another device later.

Can these presets to customize many of the characteristics of the screen, including the minimum and maximum of brightness, colors, brightness, automatic, white color, and for Night Mode, and more. It can be included presets saved as shortcuts in the menu bar.

Will this new machine the return of Apple to the world of young professionalism since I stopped selling screen Thunderbolt own for three years, in 2016. It is worth mentioning that Apple began only this week in the sell screen LG UltraFine 4K size of 23.7 inches after removing the 21.5-inch screen recently from its stores, real and online.

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