All what we know and expect so far about phones Pixel 3

When Google released last year my phone Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, two phones is a quantum leap for for the the official Google. It phone series Nexus despite its quality, which has improved constantly over the years was not up to suitable phones the top tier of Samsung like, and therefore it has been its main audience is often the user passionate with the technology, willing to use Android raw exclusively, which really realize what you buy it and why buy it.

With the advent of the first generation of phones Pixel, Google shocked the audience amazing with and experience the use of hardware and software high-end. With the advent of Pixel 2 trade has become more Mature and complete. To the degree that we have launched on the Pixel 2 XL title of “complete phone”. Now after using my phone for about 7 months, my opinion has changed.

Now that Google unveiled features of Android P, the next version of the operating system, everyone became more excited to see the new version-rich phones Pixel 3.

We will review in this article what we know about the Pixel 3, which is not much currently, but we will update the information immediately provide new ones.

Three phones this time

Of the criticisms that we have made previously for my phone Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is a high price tag, although this is in line with the rising prices of phones and high-end category in general, but our opinion is that Google should take into account all categories of users. True they offer a series Android One and Android Go cheap, but these phones are not available everywhere, as they offer an experience that is low. But what about the user who wants experience in the middle? Excellent camera, such as camera phones Pixel structure of metal and high precision and is capable of pushing 400 to $ 500 like but not up to $ 1000 for a phone?

According to the recent volatility seems that Google will take this category into account where you will be this year asking 3 phones from the category of the Pixel: the telephone suffering Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL telephone and the third we don’t know anything about the specs yet, but it will be a specification of less with maintaining the hardware average or a little higher than that. Our expectations are that the phone will come Screen-Type LCD and not OLED, memory-less and out of the lowest category. Would be a major blow-out of Google if supplied by the same camera that will be available in phones Pixel 3 The strongest. But even if supplied by the camera to the lowest gear believe that the photography experience will be excellent because a lot of Miss camera phones Pixel comes thanks to features supported software artificial intelligence which will get you the phone for sure.

The screen

Expected to get a phone Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL on the screens of the same resolution and approximately the same size for my last generation. But the question is about the space that will occupy the screen from the front. According to the leaks it has been said that the Pixel 3 will on screen under “full” front. But the term “full frontal” is a term rubber is always where may mean either the edges of a very narrow as a phone Galaxy S9, or a screen with a protrusion similar to the telephone Essential or iPhone X, or a phone already covers 100% of the front-end as a phone Lenovo Z5 which numerous company recently and did not fire him after.

The last option is the best but it seems unlikely because this technique is very recent and did not know about Google stepping up to the adoption of the latest technologies the screen immediately provide.

The choice of extrusion seems closer makes sense, especially as the Android P includes official support to the screen and if that support could say that it is targeted to facilitate the support extrusion to the other companies, the mere existence of official support does not mean adopting Google does not. I personally don’t prefer this option because I didn’t love this extrusion. If I was will better the normal senses the pressure, but I think that Google may resort to extrusion for marketing reasons purely of his being became for a pan-consumers (fashion) that distinguish phones category leading.

Speakers featured

Tend phone Pixel 2 sound experience special through the presence of the two voice report stereo in the front line stems from the quality on most of the other phones that offer a similar experience. Some rumors say that Google is working on improving this experience and evaluate new voice technologies. This is expected, especially that it will be on Google increased screen space and thus change the place of the speakers without effect negatively on its quality.

The processor, memory, random

Coming phone Pixel 3 processor Snapdragon 845, stronger processor will be available in markets this year. This unexpected and sudden. As for the phone pix II (medium) because we have no idea of the treatment was possible, but it will most likely be a middle class of processors Snapdragon.

There is no information currently about the RAM, but the two phones strong will be either 4 GB of memory random, like the last generation, or 6 Gb. Wouldn’t be surprising to keep Google with 4 GB. Even the beta version of the Android P is currently working wonderfully (even better and smoother) on my phone. Pixel 2 XL with 4 GB of RAM. Frankly, the Android raw doesn’t need more than that, but we can’t provide the Google phones the new with 6 GB of RAM for marketing reasons.

Date of the

As usual, expect to learn Google Pixel 3 during a special event in the month of October/October next in conjunction with the launch of the final version of Android P. also there are no surprises here.

The summary is that we expect -reflect – phone Great of Google could easily be the Best Android phone at all.

What are your expectations any in the Pixel 3 is? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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