All you need to know about Facebook digital Libra Libra

Facebook announced its launch of a new digital name ( Libra ) Libra, in addition to advertising (Calibra), a subsidiary of new you will create a digital wallet for my WhatsApp user, with a standalone app on Android and iOS iOS.

It was expected the launch of the Facebook digital Libra Libra since a period of time, which represent considerable support for the work of encrypted technology, the underlying technology of the block your chi, which provides a reliable system of accounting; to enable currency transactions are encrypted.

And possess the technology to block Chi and Digital a number of unique characteristics, as they enjoy not to the central, and can be accessed globally, as it is low cost and safe.

Said the giant social networking: it will ensure the privacy of client network encrypted Libra Libra, the company will share performance data with other third-party company, after hiding the data, and will comply (Calibra) the law, with the insurance of customer accounts, and reduce risks, and prevent criminal activity.

She insisted on Facebook that it will not use any financial statements for publicity purposes, and that the work will be independent of the company, as will be Accounts (Calibra) separate from Facebook, the company said: she will not see your data except in certain cases, such as: police request it.

She added that technology has enabled billions of people globally from access to knowledge; and Information, Communication and high speed; and a wide range of services to the least expensive, most convenient, through a smart phone worth $ 40 from almost anywhere in the world.

Despite this development, there are large numbers of the world’s population are lagging behind, according to Facebook, there are 1.7 million adults on the level of the world remain outside the financial system, without access to a traditional bank.

Hopes the social network in the use of technology to block Chi; to enable billions of people to use its currency to the world easily, which is supposed to be a substitute for cash and credit cards and bank transfers, when launched in 2020.

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