All you need to know about investing in startups of the Middle East in 2017

Revealed a new report by the company Magna about finance in the Middle East and North Africa region and invest in startups that last year was a record in terms of numbers registered.

Last year saw investments worth $ 560 million in 260 companies emerging in the Middle East and North Africa

Among the most prominent findings of the company the magnes in its report on financing in the Middle East and North Africa to 2017:

  1. An overview of the funding:

Record fourth quarter in terms of value of investment deals for startups and achievement strong at the end of the 2017., the Note that the report focused on the year 2017 on startups in the Middle East and North Africa excluding Turkey and Iran, where stand out the data the following points:

  • The past year has seen a rise by 65% in Investment a value of $ 410 million (excluding the market dot com and cream), a record in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Concluded more deals in 2017 compared with any previous year across the Middle East and North Africa
  • Saw the 2017 a record high in the third quarter, third and fourth in terms of investment amounts and the number of pages
  • Acquired Top 10 investment to $ 349 million, nearly 60 per cent of the financing of 2017
  • Included the top 5 investments of $ 150 million in the Cree and $ 90 million in these Arab and $ 41 million in Fischer” Fetchr”and $ 20 million in my tab “paytabs” and $ 12 million on Wei Guan “wego”

Said Phillip Bus, the founder of the company “magnet” that investment continues to grow across all stages of the funding cycle. With regard to general trends, he noted that” in 2017 was a record number of trades concluded and the amounts invested, excluding cream market dot com. ” He added: “this positive news should be beamed confidence across the market to 2018. We expect to see a continuation of this trend throughout the year. ”

  1. Distribution of investments:

Conducted company Magnum research by drawing on the geographical distribution of the industry you belong to companies and compare 2017 the work already:

  • The past year has seen the retention of both e-commerce and technology financial to stop them on top of investment transactions increased by 11.9% of all pages.
  • Record the sectors of nutrition, drinks and the highest percentage increase at the rate of 3% in Deal flow during the year 2017.
  • Form startups in the financial technology also 3 of the 10 largest investments in the year 2017 – Paytabs ($20 million), money market Souqalmal ($10 million), and Single Wahed ($7 million). As the sector continues to services, transport and supplies are the big winners with the cream ($150 million), and spread Fetchr ($45 million), and Wego ($12 million).
  • Keep the UAE market dominance by 70% of the total amount of investment and 37% of the pages (with the exception of Investment Company “the cream” of $ 150 million).
  • Record Saudi Arabia has the largest increase in investment by 4% compared to 2016, despite a decline in the number of transactions increased by 3%.
  • Experienced Iran is emerging in Lebanon, the ones low in terms of direct investment, a decline of 12% for 2016.
  • Experienced Tehran, the Shia, the imamate in the financial transactions increased by 3% compared to 2016.

In its report, to 2017, the company noted Magnum that has been invested in the investments in companies of the emerging Turkish and Iranian of its accounts for the year report focused on the countries of the Middle East and North Africa only. Looking forward the company “magnet” to expand the scope of its proposals through the publication of additional reports in the coming months to cover the geographical areas of additional coincident with the expansion of its platform.

  1. The activity of venture capital\venture andsales transactions\autumn:

Seen 2017 the continuation of the activity of investment institutions Home menu, as well as the emergence of new players in the startup scene in the Middle East and North Africa:

  • After the launch of the Fund and the Falcon in the Middle East and North Africa, 500 start-up companies formed, venture capital is the most active in terms of the number of deals concluded, as published investments in more than 30 startup companies throughout the region, which was followed by Middle East Venture Partners at a rate of 14 deal, which also announced the launch of its new fund MEVF III in 2017 to $ 250 million
  • Came financing institutions of Saudi Arabia in the lead with the company RAED Ventures (8) projects of Saudi Aramco’s reign (8) Fund wind technology (5) projects Vision Ventures (3) that actively invest in throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
  • For Top 10 investment, contributed venture capital firms are marked with the company of beco in 4 of the biggest deals, followed by Middle East Venture Partners in 3 deals.
  • Did not experience deals sales slowdown in 2017, which saw 20 deals, including the acquisition of market dot com by the Amazon, and acquisitions on the Nam livestock increased by 51% by Emaar malls, as well as the acquisition by Delphine Hero on karian Carriage.

He added how : “it was fantastic to see the emergence of new investors on the regional and international levels in the field of startups, which has led to huge capital for the region that are in need. We have seen greater participation by the offices of the family, and”angels,” individuals and individual companies, many of whom sought to the launch of accelerators and incubators in 2017, as well as the establishment of venture capital firms “.

The year 2017 marks a reference area, and how I’m sure that in 2018 we will continue to see many of Crash indices. “We expect the companies venture capital/ investment current to inject new money from those that have been collected recently, and we expect continued emergence of players founding new in the region, we also expect that governments and regulatory bodies to play an active role in facilitating and promoting innovation initiatives throughout the region.”

With regard to the magnet, he also pointed that “2018 is the year is very important to our platform where data accuracy is at the core of our work. Will continue to company the magnes in the development of strong relationships with investors and the environment the need for emerging companies to ensure the continuation of the process of updating the data and providing. We are pleased to strengthen this graph by copying a detailed and in-depth of this report including the analysis and insights available to members participants to the platform, and we look forward to launching a new website later this month which will provide the tools and functions to support users”.

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