All you need to know about the new version of Pencil Apple Pencil 2 !

Revealed Apple TV yesterday about the iPad Pro new for 2018 and gave us the new version of the pen representative of the Apple Pencil ad hoc writing and drawing, what’s new added Apple TV for almost three years after the first release to jump.

كل ما تود معرفته عن الإصدار الجديد من قلم آبل Apple Pencil 2
All you need to know about the new version of Pencil Apple Pencil 2

The defects of the first version

The first version of Pencil Apple Pencil was great and many functions to the fullest, but it was the most prominent disadvantages difficult to carry because there was no place dedicated to him in the machine like it shipped through Port Lightning wasn’t suitable for many users.

Features of the new version of the registry Apple TV

Sticking magnetic your iPad

The new generation of pen, the Apple TV can pick up magnetically to the iPad from the side, this is a partial solution to the problem of the difficulty of carrying a pen, but we hope that this adhesion between the pen and iPad strong enough to not allow the secession of the pen from the device easily.

قلم آبل 2 : الالتصاق المغناطيسي بالآيباد
The registry Apple TV 2 : adhesion of the magnetic your iPad

Wireless charging

Apple solved the second problem in the pen, namely the problem of shipping, the shipping method will not be a user need to charge it via the charging port it will be shipped the pen is wireless once you stick it magnetically to the iPad.

قلم آبل 2 : الشحن اللاسلكي
The registry Apple TV 2 : wireless charging

Learn to click

Can pen new Apple TV Apple Pencil 2 identify the click, the user can click on the pen to a writing or drawing and put the eraser like in the application notes like.

قلم آبل 2 : التعرف على النقر
The registry Apple TV 2 : Learn to click

Price and version

Pen Apple new Apple Pencil 2 will be launched in the markets the beginning of the month of November at a price of 129 USD, an increase of$ 30 from the first version-old price 99$. Great that this new pen is only compatible with the iPad, the new 2018 Screen 11-inch and 12.9-inch.

السعر وموعد الإصدار
Price and version

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