All you need to know about the process of Facebook Libra

Since the company announced Facebook their intention to put up its own currency and those interested in great anticipation, and despite the availability of expectations only to wait did not hide even the company today announced the details of its currency in all, this is what you should know:

Established Facebook and twenty-seven organizations and companies from around the world, the organizers of “LeBron” non-profit, and chose Switzerland as the headquarters, to develop and manage a financial network used to process bear the same name (libra). And reverse other digital currencies, the currency of the “Libres” backed by a reserve of hard currency source for the exception to the founding members and trading members ordinary the aim of maintaining their stability. Thus you’ll find between security and decentralization that characterize the digital currency stability and confidence that the implementation of the work material.

The objective of the organization nascent -according to a statement by the official – create financial infrastructure that help billions of people around the planet to conduct financial transactions excluded from the pros technique books (blockchain) without the need to own a bank account or through major financial institutions without paying high fees. All you will need the user’s smart phone and the internet. Currently, the organization works to increase the number of companies willing to share their technology, and so far succeeded in persuading large companies such as financial services, Mastercard and PayPal and PayU and Stripe and Visa service companies growing was Booking, eBay, Farfetch and Lyft and Spotify, and Uber, and even non-profit organizations was Kiva, and Mercy Corps and women’s World Banking as well as companies engaged in the field of digital currencies was Anchorage and Coinbase and Xapo and Bison and Trails. Add Of course to the area of the buy Facebook. By increasing rely on it will open the door to third-party applications used as governor for the digital save the new currency, and in the meantime, will rely on a portfolio of “care” (Calibra).

What is “care” (Calibra) on?

“Care” company is a new subsidiary of Facebook, based in California, United States of America. Founded to develop the assessment and management financial services digital, the first of its products: portfolio calibra for Digital, which is the portfolio of official work of the libra. And wait for them to make it easier for its users to send and receive money and perform payment operations domestic and external, including billing, General Services, and transportation. And all this through the application of its official available for Android and iOS, in addition to facilitating the utilization of their services cross-platform my WhatsApp the elderly the.

Despite the fact that a company on Facebook however, the latter promised to keep the information users of the digital wallet separate from the rest of its platforms. It also appointed a specialized team to monitor and track daily transactions to ensure their safety and spare its users the exposure of the monument or speed.

Will you be joining Facebook at walk in the footsteps of wechat of China and provide strong financial services, or they will face the reluctance of very big states and to restrict its operations? This is what we learn in the days following the launch of the currency officially the year 2020, God willing.

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