All you need to know about the standard of quick charging 30W Warp Charge from OnePlus

In 2016, the company is OnePlus with the OnePlus smartphones 3 and 3T has released a charging Dash Charge, which used the standard to 22.5 W, which allows devices like the OnePlus 6T, to collect the charge from zero to 60% in just 35 minutes. However, since the 6T McLaren Edition OnePlus, OnePlus is a new standard fast charging called the Warp Charge, which is able to offer even more high speed charging.

OnePlus claims that using a Warp Charge charging speed from zero to 50% is only 20 minutes and full charge in less than an hour. Besides, Warp Charge now is standard on the OnePlus 7 Pro with power adapter 30 watts of power.

Despite the fact that there are other solutions for fast charging of mobile devices to quickly fill the battery capacity, the advantage of the OnePlus is that it does not overheat your phone. This is due to the fact that most of the heat generated during the process of charge, thanks to a special integrated circuit is dissipated in the power adapter before reaching your device. Like Dash, Charge, Warp Charge based on the standard of the OPPO VOOC charging Super and is markedly different from most quick chargers currently available on the market.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about Warp Charge.

Educational program for rapid charging

The standard battery of the smartphone has a high reactivity, so smartphone manufacturers, there are several security measures that are sort of fuse built into the charging circuit. Lithium-ion batteries are able to first consume more power, weakening the ability of the accumulation of charge. It is on this principle and works fast charging.

Fast charging technology Qualcomm provides a higher voltage battery to speed up charging times. Quick Charge 4.0 is fully compatible with the USB-C Power Delivery (PD) and 20% faster and 30% more effective than Quick Charge 3.0. Also, Qualcomm introduced the algorithm of power management called “Intelligent coordination of optimal stress” (INOV) to provide better temperature controls and security measures to protect against overheating and overvoltage.

Qualcomm argues that because of the technology of parallel charging you can use your phone for five hours after only 5 minutes of charging. Qualcomm licenses the technology to third-party manufacturers and this is why companies like Samsung can offer us adaptive fast charging in their Galaxy S10. In the case of Samsung, the company still uses Quick Charge 2.0, but most of the flagships in the market today offer a standard charging based on Quick Charge 4.0.

Meanwhile, OPPO has their own solution for fast charging, which is called the Super VOOC (multistage charging from DC open-loop voltage). Fast charging technology is used in smartphones and other Reno flagship OPPO in dvuyazichnii configuration with a capacity of 50 watts and also available in OnePlus 7 Pro version 30 watts. OPPO uses a special schema in the charger to control and dissipate heat, so the speed of Warp Charge you can get only by using a special adapter, for example, that comes with the OnePlus 7 Pro.

The main difference between two technologies of rapid charging is that, although Qualcomm and uses the higher voltage to charge the battery, VOOC relies on a higher amperage. For example, 3.0 Quick Charge is able to reach 6.5 V at 3 A, giving a 19.5 W, while Warp Charge gives 5 V At 6 A, with the result of 30 watts. This has several advantages.

The battery life after 20 minutes of charging

One of the major advantages of Warp Charge is its ability to maintain a low temperature during charging. This fast charging allows you to watch videos or play games during the charging without decreasing the charging rate. However, the technology of Quick Charge is not true, as the higher voltage consistently cause the phone returns to normal speed charging to prevent overheating.

In fact, OnePlus is touting the effectiveness of Warp Charge it during the games, claiming that in such a scenario, its standard is capable of providing up to 52% charge in just 30 minutes. When the screen is off 30W Warp Charge can charge the battery from zero to 50% in 20 minutes and to 70% in 30 minutes. For comparison, the Galaxy S10 is able to charge from the supplied charger only to 41% after 30 minutes of charging.

In addition, although the OnePlus 7 Pro and can be charged up to 50% in just 20 minutes, to fully charge the battery requires another 40 minutes. This prevents the risk of battery damage (and, more importantly, the user), because the output power of the charger 2 before And after heating by 75% and even lower after reaching 85%. The microcontroller inside the phone continuously monitors the charge level to determine the desired amperage, which will be submitted to his charge.

The main disadvantage of Warp Charge is the need to use chargers under the brand OnePlus to obtain higher speeds, because OPPO has yet to license this technology to third party manufacturers. You can use other charger to charge OnePlus 7 Pro, and use the charger Warp Charge to other smartphones, but in both cases the charging rate will be less than stated by the manufacturer.

Is it possible to use a Warp Charge on older phones OnePlus

At the moment Warp Charge limited McLaren Edition 6T OnePlus and OnePlus 7 Pro. Because the standard has higher speed charging than Dash Charge, it comes with additional security measures on the device: the protection Board of battery more — it has eight layers for a better distribution of heat and the cable that connects the battery with the charge is also slightly wider.

So you can’t use Warp Charge from old smartphones OnePlus. When you connect the new charger to the conventional 6T OnePlus, the charging rate will fall to that used Dash Charge. OnePlus claims that could ensure the compatibility of the new standard 6T with software updates, but because the device itself is not provided proper precautions are not taken, the company has chosen not to do so. Given that we are dealing with batteries is a wise decision.

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