Almost half a million MacBook Pro can catch fire at any moment

Review MacBook Pro 15-inch, sold in the period from 2015 to 2017, due to problems with batteries may very well be one of the largest in Apple’s history. As reported by MacRumors, with reference to the safety Commission consumer products USA, in General, the problem of overheating of the battery affects about half a million laptops just in the United States, thereby endangering their owners around the world, as well as their property.

To date it is known about at least 26 cases of ignition, experts of the US Commission on safety of consumer products, interested in the problem. 5 of them resulted in burns of users working with notebook, 1 – to smoke inhalation, and 17 – minor damage to personal property users in the vicinity of the notebook at the moment of its spontaneous combustion.

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Battery replacement MacBook Pro

The probability of spontaneous ignition battery MacBook Pro 15” is probably one of the most serious problems faced by Apple. Therefore , Apple recommends all users to refrain from working at the laptop, subject to fire, until the replacement of the defective component. To make sure that your copy is not dangerous, you need to enter its serial number on a special page on the company website.

If your MacBook Pro falls under the recall program, you will be asked to contact the nearest authorised service centre. There will be carried out diagnostics of the laptop and replace the battery with a new one. As a rule this procedure takes 2-3 days, but, given the prevalence of problems and employment workshops, it can take from one to two or even three weeks. It is not excluded that all repair work in relation to defective equipment will be agreed with Apple.

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