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Alternative location Egypt six movies egybest

Be surprised by a lot of users in Egypt and the Arab world to stop the location of Egypt six movies egybest for work, that following the leadership of the Egyptian authorities to close the book a number of sites pirating movies and series streaming for free.

The site is popular in Arabic-speaking countries, and of course, the closed form of a shock to a lot of users in the region.

For most people in the Western world, the shutdown of this site doesn’t mean anything to them, but in Arabic-speaking countries this was a signal that similar sites can be exposed to a similar.

The site, which the proud slogan “Made in Egypt”, the access to pirated copies of movies and TV shows, you can download and watch them for free and often with subtitles to Arabic.

Also provides a series of Gulf and and drama education and a lot of styles of movies and other sitcoms that consume locally strongly.

The site was most popular in Egypt, where he was among the ten sites most visited in the country, in addition, it was also the site of the Pirates first in many neighbouring countries, including Algeria, Kuwait, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

Currently when you login to the site you will see the message “the end” which left the organizers of the site behind them posted by users on a large scale in social networks.

War in Egypt on piracy

Comes close the site in parallel with the launch of the Egyptian authorities to war against these sites and provide a legal alternative in Egypt it watch it Watch iT.

Been also blocking other sites, including Arab Lions and Akoam and Movies land, and Arab Seed and Mazzika Today and Shahid4u and Cima4up, turned some of these names to new domain names later, but Egypt six movies egybest didn’t do it.

There have been many tweets on Twitter which condemns or encourages this resolution, including a “summer without the #egybest will be summer SAD”.

Connecting the different media between the war on piracy which caught during the last period and fall of this site.

Globally the war on these sites began long, long ago where demanding production companies the Big shut down those sites that have caused losses in the millions of dollars.

Legal alternative to Egypt six movies egybest

If you want to access to the serials interest and watch them without breach of law, the application of the watch-ET Watch iT , which we touched on earlier, is among the best options available of course.

There is also the application of Netflix for those who wish to have access to a huge library of global content and watch them at a reasonable price.

We suggest you peruse the options, which we wrote about earlier, including:

Download app Eros Now watch movies and Indian soap operas

Download application to watch movies and programmes and series icflix in Arabic

Download application Amazon Video On Demand Amazon Prime Video

Another alternative to Egypt six movies egybest

If you insist on finding a position similar to that of the egybest has monitored our site which you can access to a growing library of movies and series, provides you site engagement directly to this content in addition to links to download movies and series.

Are adding new content constantly the site with the same design of the site, which was shut down and we don’t know if it was behind the same team.

Expect the same website on another domain which is and the organizers behind it they’re the same team, and they are under pressure to retrieve the previous site.

Those who are interested can watch and download the Ramadan Series for the year 2019 are available on another site which where is add new episodes constantly.

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