Although oil Nikkei reaffirms the advent of the Switch cheaper this summer!

Nintendo Switch

Many of the sources with heavy weight such as the Nikkei and Bloomberg confirmed previously that the company’s new move to launch the device Switch cheaper this year, and that the device is coming in the summer, as pointed out by Bloomberg to the possibility of him coming before the end of May. With that, denied the president of the company into “Furukawa” this news, and said that the company will not announce a new device even at the upcoming E3.

Well, it seems that the Nikkei is still insisting on its position! Based on a tweet of a new consultant video games in Japan Serkan Toto, published Nikkei new report after denied the president of the company into order, and reiterated again on the oncoming Switch cheaper the summer of the current year.

The objective of this report, it means that the advertising device may cause the upcoming E3. As reported by other sources that the company need have told the stores in Spain sell its own hardware the 2DS before next summer most likely, and this is a further indication of the desire of the company in the launch of the laptop model of the Switch this summer.

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