AltStore .. Store apps iOS substitute for the App Store, and does not require jailbreaking jailbreak

I have Apple TV some strict rules about what can be published on the App Store, so that can’t iPhone users and iPad install apps such as emulators, controllers, applications, torrents, etc., although there are some solutions on the web, but they usually require jailbreaking the device jailbreak. This is not the case now with AltStore.

Announced developer Riley Testut yesterday about this solution is an alternative to follow the iOS App Store, which will not require tools to break the protection, making it available even to users on iOS 13.

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According to an article on the personal blog for Testut, uses AltStore feature provided by Apple for developers to test their apps on real devices, since this application serves primarily the machine where it pays to think about it proves the application made by you yourself. In this way, can’t the Apple TV simply turn off the AltStore unless he changed something deeper on the iOS system with which Update future.

Because you must install these applications in theory of Xcode, the AltStore try that process using the companion application for Mac and Windows. Users can explore and install apps directly on the iPhone and iPad. But it requires desktop version to be running in the background on the same network connected to your iOS device.

تطبيقات AltStore

The process requires entering the Apple ID account with an application-specific password, which can be generated online management portal (Apple ID) allocated, and used (AltStore (sync) the iTunes Wi-Fi) to ensure the update the app weekly.

Said Testut, the more applications will be available on AltStore after the official launch scheduled on September 28. Also note that AltStore is an open source project, so developers can others take a look at everything on GitHub.

تطبيقات AltStore

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