Amazon accidentally increase ads relevant to the content of religious

Reported by the news report that the company Amazon has removed the accidentally advertisements with religious content, causing affected and the loss of some of the vendors little because of the “ignorance of the staff of the company”.

She said the channel “CNBC” CNBC: it’s learned from the many vendors they have noticed in recent months that the ads of their products have been suspended because of the presence of religious language, then tell these vendors by email that their ads banned due to “new update policy” prohibits any ads that contain “religious content”.

The channel added that she read the letter sent by Amazon to a vendor, where it is stated: “DO NOT allow advertising for products related to a particular religion”.

After facing the “CNBC” with Amazon, stated the company spokesman for the channel said in an email that the company did not experience any updates on its policy, and that staff responsible for the error are now undergoing re-training.

Said the giant U.S. e-commerce in its letter that I sent to the “CNBC”: “e-mail message that she saw her ‘CNBC’ contain inaccurate information and did not change our policies of old.”

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