Amazon accusing the American president to stand behind its loss draft JEDI

أمازون تتهم الرئيس الأمريكي بالوقوف خلف خسارتها مشروع JEDI

Usually project cloud mod American of the facade of the New after the lifting of the Amazon lawsuit due to the loss of its project JEDI owner of budget 10 million dollars in front of its rival Microsoft, where I questioned the company in the impartiality of the choice, accusing the US President Donald Trump to stand behind the state of the tender.

It is the text of the complaint that came in at 103 pages it seems that the focus of Amazon is on the person of the president of the American fundamentally fair person of the company and its CEO Jeff Bezos, with areas to enter the Trump is that has prevented the laying of the draft JEDI on them.

In came also in the text of the complaint to the Ministry of Defence has committed an honest mistake when decided to give the project to Microsoft, as pointed Amazon to permit Trump the beginning of the year in which he said that he continued to complain formidable about the project and Amazon and it will save the Ministry of defence to audit closely at the conditions of the contract.

According to the information contained in the complaint, the Amazon claimed that the Ministry of Defence carried out a series of changes to the contract in the last hour which included changes to the ratings requirements of the new purpose was to deprive the company of the winning project.


The Verge

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