Amazon acquires company Eero leading in routers and wireless solutions

أمازون تستحوذ على شركة Eero الرائدة في أجهزة الراوتر اللاسلكية وحلولها

Announced Amazon yesterday evening, Monday announced the acquisition of Eero competent in networking and wireless solutions leader in the application of technology Mesh in links of WiFi that work by which to deliver signals, wireless internet access all throughout the area to be covered with high efficiency as houses spacious for example.

Where technology means Mesh based on the novel WiFi key in addition to more of the assistance unit, similar to the Access Point are distributed far different; all bearing the name of the standard and provides speed stability at the contact as it is controlled, connect devices, smart home products with ease through the application of its own.

Come step Amazon this after the process of joint cooperation between the two companies lasted for several years since the Intel Eero in 2014, where she was last responsible for the supply of Amazon accessories connectivity solutions for wireless and facilitating its work in the in the configuration of systems and connectivity products for the smart home.

Has given the company an that on Eero in the context of facilitating and providing a distinctive experience for the consumer in connecting smart home devices to the wireless network and configure the system connection is strong and coherent and exploiting the skills and capabilities of the company’s feat in this area.

In didn’t know Amazon about the financial value of health of $ also, but on all levels seem to value technical case clear and for ago Amazon introduced the approach of continuous development and the conclusion of successful trades and to expand the areas of work permanently.

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