Amazon acquires maker of routers Eero

Company started Amazon in a deal to acquire the manufacturer for the router Eero, with the aim of supporting users with the best ERA with Alexa smart during the coming period.

Amazon is buying mesh router company Eero

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Seeking company for Amazon to develop an integrated network of smart devices that can provide optimal support to users, in the framework of the company’s efforts started in a deal to acquire one of the best companies that known manufactures routers, to support the users with better communication with smart devices.

It is to support this buyout conjugations highway between devices on Amazon that supports the assistant Alexa, as this allows the acquisition to buy Amazon control and better control in the technical routers.

On the other hand did not reveal Amazon about the details of the value of the acquisition of a Eero, except that the company has confirmed in the comments recently to characterize the efficiency of team work in the company, Eero, and seeing the Amazon in the development of the technology of the Soul books to support technology devices to Alexa in the coming period.

The company launched Eero in the recent period a series of routers smart, with the integrated networks are designed to overcome the problem of poor coverage in some areas, where the network can be integrated from more than one unit of the routers to operate as the distribution of effective user support strong signal because Wi-Fi, as systems offer Soul Master with the application on the phone to support the user better.

Company has also provided Eero service payments Eero Plus subscription yearly $ 99, a special service is working to provide standards of protection and safeguard of users.


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