Amazon Alexa will be the receptionist in hotels

Amazon told about a special version of the virtual assistant called Alexa Alexa for Hospitality, which is designed to work in hotel rooms and places like that.

Alexa can perform various actions, which will be useful both for the customers and for staff. For example, guests can request through the assistant room service, ask a variety of questions concerning the operation of the hotel, to control the smart devices in the room. And the staff will be able to choose a default music service to create custom actions for guests, monitor network status of the devices.

Guests can connect to the columns Echo their accounts to Amazon to be able to access personal content (to listen to purchased music and audio books). After their departure, the accounts will disengage from the hotel speakers.

In addition, Amazon has provided some of the limitations of confidentiality Alexa for Hospitality. Recording voice commands will be removed daily, and the hotel staff will not be able to listen to the answers Alexa for teams of users. However, the hotel will be able to view information about how guests interact with the Alexa.

It is noted that the Alexa for Hospitality work this summer in hotel chains Marriott Hotels, Westin Hotels & Resorts, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, Renaissance Hotels and Autograph Collection Hotels.

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