Amazon announces keyboard musical supported by machine learning and artificial intelligence

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Announced Amazon today for keyboard musical supported with machine learning AWS DeepComposer in order to enable developers from the volatility and understanding the techniques of machine learning more by what the company said.

Painting The Musical comes with 32 offset Open where it can be used to produce a track or a musical tune and then with the help of tool Amazon DeepCompose the user can create a musical montage.

Where that Amazon will continue at the launch of its tool many of the algorithms and musical presets that can be appended to the beards basic to be a mix a different musical, which will include rock, pop and jazz and the classic style also.

The other features of this tool is that it enables the user to create a lump of his own music export directly to the platform SoundClould after completion of its maintenance and installed directly without an intermediary.

In the company introduced the Amazon model of how to work the machine by adding a rock and a number of the sounds of the instruments other musical piece of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”

Web price color musical alone $ 99 to be the least price when compared to the equipment and tools of artificial intelligence that previously launched Amazon before, and my company developers 3 free months on to the subscription becomes a tool DeepComposer at a price of $ 1.26 per hour training per hour; and 2.14 per hour in the case of use of the deductive for the developer millions.

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