Amazon announces version Fire TV Edition with new feature Dolby Vision

Amazon announced the new version of Fire TV Edition support Dolby Vision screen measuring 55 inches with a starting price of$450.

أمازون تعلن عن نسخة Fire TV Edition جديدة مع ميزة Dolby Vision

Was Amazon earlier announced a version of its entertainment Fire TV Edition 4K Toshiba’s industry and clearly higher than the other fabric to provide experience to users, but returned again to the updated version supports the new Dolby Vision, which offers a viewing experience of high-added technical HDR10, which gives more colors and ways to control it to get the desired image.

The company also said it there is another version of 50 inch will be priced at 380$ and measure$ 43 a-inch will be priced at 330$.

Provide Amazon another important feature away from the content by making the Fire TV Edition New compatible with the devices with Echo for voice control.

And enjoy devices the Eco the presence of voice assistant Alexa, which means the possibility to control the TV through voice commands with ease.

But what gives the addition to this feature, is the interaction fast with voice commands which is what happened during her presentation at the conference.

Worth mentioning, that Amazon want from this step to raise the competition with its main rival in the council, Roku Roku, which provided the advantage of Dolby Vision with its organs a while ago with a screen of production of the TCL Chinese, but Amazon, which teamed up with Toshiba to add water want to attract a larger audience through lower prices than its rival.



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