Amazon are exposed to pressure from its shareholders to stop selling the systems and facial recognition for government

Techniques to identify the facial features formed a point of controversy the past period in terms of infringement of its primary purpose which was prepared for him to raise the degree of safety and protection; to run after investment and a product for sale, and these examples are Amazon, which announced at the end of last year about intention to finish career in selling techniques, face recognition system, “Rekognition” for government bodies, disregarding the objection of its staff and raise the institutions and associations of jurists to this page for violating their civil rights and get rid of their falling into the hands.

And not revolving around the sales process and how aptly the knowledge bought and well-managed; the evening give Amazon a proposal to pay the company to stop operations and selling techniques to facial recognition to government agencies without making sure of the mechanism to use and is compatible with not compromising civil rights and personal freedoms.

Where was organized this proposal by a group of activists and companies in the institution of Open MIC non-profit and competent in campaigns calling for technical cooperation with shareholders, reported the institution they are waiting for access to the proposed vote Amazon company in its meeting which will be next spring.

Can be expected to reject the management company of Jeff Bezos to stop selling techniques to identify these Government even if it violated civil rights, it has buckets permit Bezos made Bay last October on this approach by emphasizing repeatedly the importance of the support of the Amazon to the government sector, the Ministry of Defense.

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